Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sorry for the late posting but we are pleased to report activities that were completed before end of 2011. Thank you to our donors!


Last year, used batteries from PBSP member company Wyeth Philippines, Inc. – Canlubang Plant were able to generate funds to improve the water and sanitation facilities of Pittland Elementary School in Cabuyao, Laguna.

Pittland ES has total of 340 enrollees and 8 teachers.

The upgrade of their 8 toilets consisted of installing 2 new PVC doors, provision of 7 new toilet bowls with flush and replacement of water pipelines. The school mobilized labor needed during the improvement works as counterpart.

Aside from providing better access to water and sanitation facilities, the project will surely help in reducing health risks associated with poor hygiene and sanitation.

Wyeth Philippines, Inc. is an affiliate of Pfizer Nutrition, a leading global provider of infant formulas and other nutritional products for children.


San Roque Power Corporation (SRPC) turned over a total of 10.37 tons of ULABs to the Program. This in turn made possible the donation of 318 Science textbooks books to its 3 adopted schools in the mountains of San Nicolas and San Manuel, Pangasinan. These schools are Cabayawasan ES, San Cristobal ES and San Vicente ES.

In Cabayawasan ES, the library was also renovated and was provided with TV and DVD player. The donation also came with ABS CBN Foundation Educational TV complete DVD package.

This educational assistance will benefit the 3 schools’ 176 pupils and 9 teachers and improve access of these schools to quality education.

SRPC is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the power-generating facility of the San Roque Multi-Purpose Project, which has an installed capacity of 345 MW.


For its second year, Toyota Auto Parts, Inc.’s supplementary feeding support benefited again its adopted school, Dila Elementary School in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

There were 56 Grade 1 undernourished pupils who were given daily feeding with vitamins for 3months. Medical check-up and deworming were also conducted in coordination with the City Health Office. Of the total served, 48 of the pupils reached the normal body weight for their height and age. While there have been increases of 1-2 kilos in their weights, 8 remained to have weights below normal. These 8 cases were adopted for continued intervention by the school and the barangay.

Every week, the pupils were also taught on the importance of hygiene and nutrition. Activities like singing and story-telling were also conducted to instill values to the pupils.

GenTwoFifteen Development Foundation, Inc. is the implementing partner of PBSP and Toyota Auto Parts, Inc. on this project.


Using the funds from their donation of 20 tons of ULABs, Procter and Gamble (Philippines), Inc. – Canlubang Plant adopted 3 least performing schools in the Division of Calamba, namely Latian ES, Kay Anlog ES and Mangumit ES.

Kay Anlog ES and Latian ES were provided with a total of 690 textbooks in English, Math, Filipino and MAPEH. Latian ES, in preparation for the opening of their daycare center, was also provided with 50 units of arm chairs. A turnover  cermony was held last July 20, 2011.

Mangumit ES prioritized the provision of supplemental feeding assistance for their 70 undernourished pupils. The grant provided for the provision of breakfast for the pupils for 60 school days. The PTCA of Mangumit ES was involved in the project through menu preparation, actual feeding and monitoring.

This project is one of P&G’s way of Touching Lives, Improving Life.


Eleven teachers of the Pedro Tolentino Memorial National High School underwent a one-day training on basic IT last October 27. This training is part of the computer building and laboratory project of KEPCO’s Balik Baterya donation.

The topics discussed included the history of computing and the different computer parts. Basic applications of MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel in teaching and keeping grades were also taught. The training was especially helpful for almost 50% of them who do not know anything about using the computer and its applications.

The school’s utilization and maintenance plan was also reviewed before the training ended.

Ms. Riza Verano, PBSP Senior Program Officer for IT in Education, conducted the one-day training for this project.


Last November 3, SMYPC Metal Closure Lithography Plant in San Fernando, Pampanga turned over 3 sets of personal computers and a printer to Katutubo Village Elementary School in Porac, Pampanga. This was made possible through their donation of 2.72 tons of ULABs to the program.

The school has no computer and its Grades 4,5 and 6 students were taught with computer subjects only through pictures. Thus, the kids’ faces lit up while Plant Manager Jesus Ocampo, Jr and HR Manager Milette Dolom, showed and taught them how to use the computers.

Some educational CDs were also purchased and turned over to the school.

Katutubo Village Elementary School has a population of 246 pupils and 9 teachers. Almost 90%of its pupils are Aetas.


For the second time, Nestle Philippines, Inc.-Supply Chain Management staff and its top trucker donors visited South Cotabato to check on their Balik Baterya projects.

In Teresita Elementary School, the guests got to meet their remedial reading camp recipients. They were shown how the activities are facilitated to improve the reading skills and comprehension of frustration-level readers of the school.

Storybooks were also turned over to the school and to the PTCA in support to the remedial reading program.

In their second school, Ambalgan Elementary School, the guests helped in serving the day’s meal of the pupil beneficiaries who were on their 20th day of feeding.

In her message, Ms Janice Panopio, Safety Health and Environment Officer of trucker Fast Services Corporation, said that, “We are very happy to see the fruits of our contribution to the Motolite-PBSP Balik Baterya Program.”


Beata Elementary School is the recipient of SMYPC Manila Plastics Plant’s donation to the Motolite-PBSP Balik Baterya Program. Early this year, the plant has turned over 1.17 tons of used lead-acid batteries for proper disposal and recycling.

The funds generated were able to purchase 41 copies each of the 4 titles of textbooks needed in Math (for Grades 3 and 6), Science (Grade 6) and English (Grade 6).

Beata Elementary School in Pandacan, Manila is home to 1,452 students and 42 teachers. While the school ranks third among the 11 schools in the district, the National Achievement Test (NAT) -- Mean Percentage Score is at 68%, which is still below passing. Inadequate number of textbooks is one of the siginificant factors that contribute to the low performance of the school. Common ratio of books to pupils in the Math, Science and English subjects is 1:7. The donated books will improve the ratio to 1:4 in Grade 3 and 1:3 in Grade 6, giving pupils better access to learning materials.

The books were turned over to the school in a ceremony graced by SMYPC Manila Plastics Plant Manager Rolando Nole Sarrosa, HR Manager Maria Lea Ramiro, HR Assistant Orlando Lim and Pollution Control Officer, Jeffrey Nuqui.


SMYPC’s Metal Closure and Lithography Plant in Canlubang has chosen to assist their adopted school, Bontog ES, with their Balik Baterya funds generated from their donation of 2.82 tons of ULABs.

Last December, the employees headed by their Plant Manager Mr. Arnel Sarte, turned over the learning resource corner that consisted of a 4-layer shelf and textbooks in English, Music and Arts, EPP and Mathematics.

Bontog ES is an average performing school but has inadequate supply of books in English and Mathematics. The school’s Grades 3-6 levels also do not have books in EPP and Music and Arts.


Through their Balik Baterya funds, SMYPC’s Beverage Packaging Plant in San Fernando, Pampanga continued to assist their adopted school, Maimpis Elementary School.

Maimpis ES is one of the least performing schools in San Fernando City with its National Achievement Test (NAT) results below 75% for the past 5 years. Its performance in English is significantly low at 47.97% for the past 5 years. The school has 887 pupils and 23 teachers.

The school’s latest data on the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) shows that almost 85% of its Grades 2-6 pupils are frustrated-level readers. Frustration level is highest in its Grades 3 and 6 levels at 96%. This is alarming because those in Grade 6 are not ready then to enter high school. This is also the reason why NAT scores in English, Math and Science lag behind their scores in HEKASI and Filipino.

To address this, the school currently has its Reading Enhancement Program. Teachers conduct special reading sessions after classes to those assessed to be frustrated-level and non-readers. Peer tutorials are also on-going for those in Grades 4-6.

And as support to the reading program, the plant’s assistance focused on providing additional Developing Reading Power books. The school currently has 38 copies only of the Grade 1 book and 1 copy each for the other levels.

The ULABs from the plant were able to purchase 190 copies of the book and these were truned over to the school by the plant’s HR Head Ms. and PCO Engr. Aristotle Tolentino

The Beverage Packaging Plant in San Fernando is the fourth plant of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation that donated to the Motolite-PBSP Balik Baterya Program.


Last December 11, SMART’s Balik Baterya funds supported the event management of a bike fest for the rehabilitation of the Marikina Watershed.

Initiated by the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation, the bike fest was organized to raise awareness on the Marikina Watershed and promote biking as a significant contribution to reduce our carbon footprint. The bike fest started in PLDT Office Marcos Highway to Villacorte Property in San Mateo, Rizal. The final stop gave the bikers a breath-taking view of the entire Marikina Watershed.

At least 165 bikers and supporters participated in the event.


The Year 2011 ended with another company joining the roster of Motolite-PBSP Balik Baterya supporters.

Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Motolite and PBSP and pledged its commitment to proper disposal of hazardous waste and support to improving access to quality basic education.

Signing the MOU with PBSP Senior Program Officer Ms. Kristine Rivadelo and Motolite CSR Officer Ms. Connie Deligero are Chief Operating Officer Mr. Jose Saret and Senior Purchasing Manager Mr. Jeg Gazmin, Jr.

The company’s ULAB funds will be supporting their adopted schools in the municipality of Bataraza, Palawan.