Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SMART ULABs Help Fund Advocacy Film

With SMART's growing commitment to raising public awareness on environment issues, the company, through a portion of their ULAB funds, supported the production of Tanim. Tanim is a 60-second 3D Animation film that is a collaboration of SMART, SM Cinemas, SM Supermalls, DENR, Goriotik Multi-Media Productions and USAID with The Philippine Environmental Governance Project.

Tanim features two children, Gorio and Flora, who were able to visualize the threats to biodiversity, particularly the impact of deforestation. The film aims to inspire people to find ways to reduce threats to the environment. It puts emphasis on watershed management and leaves a lesson that supply of water and food will suffer if our watersheds are not sustainably managed.

The film was also produced to support the Year 2011 as International Year of the Forests. It is being screened in 16 SM Cinemas around the country. Tanim will leverage a series of initiatives, such as promotion of reforestation in support to the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF) Marikina Watershed Initiative Road Show.

Last year, SMART has also allocated P1.6M of its Balik Baterya funds to support initial projects in the Marikina Watershed, particularly the reforestation of 12 hectares with capability building for communities in the area.