Monday, January 31, 2011

ACS Turns Over Instructional Materials to Canlubang ES

Donating 640 kilos of used lead-acid batteries to the Motolite-PBSP Balik Baterya Program’s Project LEAP, ACS Manufacturing Corp. was able to turn over instructional books and CDs in English and Science to Canlubang Elementary School.

The company is represented by its Pollution Control Officers Ms. Jan Penny Zaldarriaga and Ms. Elenita Parreno.

Canlubang ES is one of the least performing schools in Calamba City. The school’s Overall Mean Percentage Score for the past 3 school years is at 49%, way below the 75% passing rate. The poor performance is attributed to inadequate textbooks and teaching personnel. Pupil-to-textbook ratio is at 2:1 in all subjects and teachers are decreasing for the past three school years. The donation aims to supplement existing teaching materials and will benefit the school’s current population of 1,211 public elementary students and 31 teachers.

As show of gratitude to the Balik Baterya donation, the students had musical performance showcasing their talents in playing bamboo instruments.

ACS Manufacturing Corporation is the maker of household brands Pride laundry soap, Unique toothpaste, Star Wax and Smart dishwashing liquid.