Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toyota Gives Support to Undernourished Schoolchildren

Last July 27, Ramcar, PBSP, Toyota Autoparts Philippines, Inc. and GenTwoFifteen Development Foundation, Inc. (GDFI) entered into a MOA signing for the implementation of a supplemental feeding project.

The project will benefit 35 undernourished children of Dila Elementary School in the City of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The schoolchildren will be provided their daily nutritional supplement, which includes one meal with vitamins during weekdays to ensure that they will reach the normal body weight required for their height and age. The project will run for three months.

Earlier this year, Balik Baterya was able to haul 3 tons of ULABs from TAP and the cash generated was donated to PBSP for Project LEAP.

Present during the MOA signing are TAP’s President Hiroshi Takeuchi, GAD Department Manager Anita Antonio and General Administration Manager Ronnel Andaya. GDFI was represented by its President Marlon Era, Project Officer Robien Era and Board Member Renante Carvajal.

Project LEAP’s supplemental feeding component targets undernourished children in public elementary schools. The poor nutritional condition of schoolchildren has been identified as one of the major factors contributing to their low academic performance and their reduced ability to absorb lessons in school.