Thursday, May 7, 2009

Balik Baterya Helps Improve Reading Comprehension of Iligan City Elementary Schools

This coming June, remedial reading camps will help improve the reading and comprehension skills of at least 2,000 elementary students, non-readers and frustrated readers in 20 public elementary schools in Iligan City.

At least 200 college students undertaking the NSTP, especially the Education major students, from the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology will be deployed to conduct remedial reading workshops. (Picture shows the Memorandum of Agreement Signing between PBSP and the project proponents)

This initiative, now on its second year, aims to further improve the Year I results of the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) and the National Achievement Test (NAT) of the 20 beneficiary-schools which posted an incremental increase of about 23.09 percentage points (from an average mean percentage score of 39.19 to an average of 62.28). The passing average grade of 75 was set by the Department of Education.

This project, made possible by PLDT/Ramcar, Inc’s Balik Baterya funds, also intends to support the 57-75 campaign of the Department of Education.