Sunday, January 18, 2009

TB Project for QC and Bulacan PUV Associations Completed

Also completed in September 2008 is the PLDT/Ramcar, Inc. TB Prevention Project for Public Utility Vehicle Associations in Quezon City and Bulacan.

PBSP, through its Training and Consulting Group, is pleased to report the following accomplishments:
1) Creation of the Brgy. Culiat TB Management Council in Quezon City. To date, 550 community members (mostly mothers and PUV drivers) had been oriented on TB by the council
2) Creation of the Securing Help to Address Respiratory Problems (SHARP), a TB council formed by the Rotary Club of Barasoain, Bulacan State University, Malolos City Health Office and the Federation of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association of Malolos, Bulacan, Inc. (FETODAMBI)
3) 20 volunteer educators trained on community-based TB education in Brgy. Culiat
4) 12 officers representing 12 TODA under the FETODAMBI were also trained as TB educators (picture at upper left)
5) 50 tricycle and jeepney drivers were oriented on basic information on TB
6) 12 tricycle and jeepney associations were oriented on TB and the Balik Baterya Program as possible supplementary source of income for the drivers

To ensure sustainability, partnerships were formalized through a Memorandum of Agreement. The MOA stipulated the delineation of tasks among the organizations involved and hopefully, will facilitate complementation of resources among the partners. In Brgy. Culiat, a resolution was passed to institutionalize the TB management council and facilitate budget allocation for implementation of projects on TB.